Sufix 131 g core braid




Delivering a new level of smoothness, the Sufix 131 G-Core Braided Line is built with 13 fibers (12HMPE Fibers + 1 GORE Performance Fiber in the core) to guarantee consistently strong construction with no weak points for reliable performance during casting, strikes, and fighting action. The high strand count of Sufix 131 G-Core Braided Line increases the number of fibers at the knot, which results in better knot tying and stronger holding power so that you land more fish. The single strand of GORE Performance Fiber in the core also helps create a super round line that is smoother and quieter than any other braided line on the market. The increased smoothness decreases the amount of resistance when going through the guides to produce longer casting distances as well. Available in a wide range of sizes and a low-vis green color that is hard for fish to detect, the Sufix 131 G-Core Braided Line raises the bar in terms of quality and performance of braided lines.

available in 40 lb 0.33mm -100X6 connected spools

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0.33/40 lb


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